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If you've come to this site, chances are you're a voice actor who's looking to take your career to the next level. A visual voice over demo can help you accomplish this goal. We're a team made up of a 2-time Emmy Award winning graphic artist and an award winning voice actor. We know what it takes to make you stand out. Our videos are used in conjunction with your professionally produced voice over demo to provide the visual element you need to make a statement. Need to boost your conversion rate? Video has an over 80% better conversion rate than other methods. Let us help you give your VO career the boost it needs! Click here to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions!

You mentioned that I need a professionally produced voice over demo. Does that mean you don't produce voice over demos?
That is correct! We are not audio engineers. We instead help to build spots around your current, professionally produced voice over demo. If you need a professional demo produced, you should contact someone who does this. Feel free to contact us for a referral!
I have a demo that I produced myself. Can I get a visual demo produced?
Unfortunately, not every voice over demo can be a perfect fit for a visual demo. As stated before, a professionally produced voice over demo is key. It needs to be reflective of current marketing trends and have a professional sound. If you would like us to create a visual brand around your demo, one that has logos of current advertisers/brands on your personal voice over demo, we can help with that too!
Can all genres of audio demos have a video demo produced?
The best genres for a killer video demo are commercial, in-show narration and promos. We can produce a demo for video games and other genres but these will be taken on a case-by-case basis.
What about copyright laws? Is this legal?
Our video demos are used to enhance your career and nothing more. We work within that Fair Use Act and ensure that we are not knowingly violating any copyright laws. Ultimately, the demo will be yours once it is produced and how you use it and endorse it will be completely up to you.
Got questions that aren't listed above?
Great! We love to talk to people! Feel free to CONTACT US and fill in the form above. We'll get back to you ASAP.